Need help training an existing sales team?

If you do not have time to on-board new recruits with general sales training, then we can take on that task for you. Or maybe your existing sales team are just not performing as well as they should?

You can send them to us for intensive telesales training in our call centre environment or away from the office distractions for a few days. Alternatively, we will come to your offices.

The point of failure is often in the lack of activity rates and that is one thing that we put very high on our list of priorities as we know that more activity = more sales (its not really very complicated).

We combine classroom style training with physical listening and/or attending meetings with your salespeople so that we understand how much they know/apply and where they are failing. Meaning that we can often fix it or report back immediately on where the training/skills gap may be.

Our training programs are written and sometimes delivered by our CEO, who has been in sales for many years, starting in advertising telesales in the 1980 and running sales teams and telesales businesses since then with a particular expertise in media and events.